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Internet is very essential thing and you will not find any smart device where internet does not support. All of the smartphone and table PC including laptops support Wi-Fi feature. There are many places where you can use free internet via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi gives wireless free internet facilities and Wi-Fi feature is enable for multiple device in the similar time. This is why, you will see that many people use Wi-Fi use internet together at the same time. If you want to setup Wi-Fi in your home, then you need a router and you can buy this device from online store. I will describe everything step by step about router configuration and settings. I advise users always to a router from popular brands.
After buying the device, user should unpack the device, cables and other materials (manual & other papers). Before beginning the process of the Wi-Fi settings, all of the users should read the manual and all of the papers which are very important. In the manual, manufactures provide all necessary data and proper guidance as if users do no face any trouble. You need to some more information for the internal settings. You need to configure the device and connect cables with the device. You should read all things and you will understand properly.
Read the router manual and other papers. You have to find out default username and password with the default IP address. Now you have to connect the router with the computer with Ethernet cable and use the power adapter to provide power to the router. After turning on the router, check the router LED lights are on or blinking. Now turn on the computer and run the browser as you like. You have to use all those default data on the browser for log in to the device.
Different routers use different types of IP addresses and many routers use IP address setup as default. If you want to setup internet and enable Wi-Fi feature and Wi-Fi security, then you have to login to the router. If you read the router manual properly, then it will not be very difficult to follow all of the steps for setup. Type the IP address on the browser address bar and Hit on the Enter button for reaching to the next step. After pressing the Enter button, you will get a log in screen where type the default username and password. Now press the enter button and you will be reached to the router control panel.
Now think of the setup and this is why, you should log in to the router control panel. On that place, you can setup internet and you can do this manually and automatically. You have to use wizard tool to setup internet step by step by step process. When you run the wizard tool, then you have to give some data step by step. When you have put everything properly, then you need to save all settings. Now the router may restart. Manual settings are application for experts.
Manual settings are difficult and time consuming. If you are a new user, then you should not give much time on this. You have to learn about router and Wi-Fi. However, in the router control panel, you will some options and Wi-Fi securities are very common options. From the router manual, you can learn more all about those things. Some router come with latest security features which you can learn from the manual. But in most of the router, you will get Encrypted system like WAP2 o WEP which you should enable. You can use MAC filtering option for maintaining other devices which are connected with router via Wi-Fi. Make sure that you have setup a hard password of 11 digits long and combination password of letters and symbols.
Router security is not so important thing. If you have secured the Wi-Fi properly, then you are safe. But for securing the router, you may change the default username and default password. Now no one can log in to the router. You can change all of the default information from the router control but avoid the default IP address. Because default IP address is important thing what you need later.
You can change the default IP address from the router control panel. But you will this when you face IP address confliction problem. The IP address confliction problem is a common problem when the same IP address runs in multiple devices in the same network. If you face this problem, then you cannot use internet or use any device in that network. The only solution for the IP address confliction problem is changing the IP addresses. In this case, you have to confirm that all of the devices use unique IP address after changing the default IP address.
Now you have to change the IP address and set up a new IP address. The IP address cannot remain in the router. You have to maintain the IP address class when you change the default IP address. The main and important thing is IP address Class and you have to maintain Class C in the new IP address. There are some IP addresses in the range of IP address class C. The IP address range is to You can use any IP address from the IP address range and make sure that you have not used
IP address is followed by some rules but you have to maintain each and every rules when you form the IP address. There is no space for letter, word or space in the IP address and you cannot use any different symbol in the IP address except dots. In the IP address, you must use dots. You can place 3 dots only. More or less dots in the IP address make the IP address false. You have learned what make the IP address incorrect. When you type the IP address, then you need to follow this method.
We told before that the default IP address has many uses and it is important if you keep all default information in a note. You need to use the ping command with the IP address for identification of the connection between router and computer. If you exactly do not know the IP address what has been using in the router, then you need to use “ipconfig” command and shortly you will know the current IP address what has been using, you need to use ping command “ping” or “ping -t” to identify the router problem or computer problem quick.
If you cannot remember the router manual settings and you cannot login to the router device, then you have to use the reset button which has come with the router. You can see a pin hole which you have to push with a pin. Now your device will be reset. If you want to setup everything, then you have to use all default login detail for log in.